© Sigma Stretch Film 2016 Sigma Quality Brochure Downloads  Technical Documents  Photo Downloads   Sigma Stretch Film® Download & Information Website... SigmaStretchTools.com  to check out our Manufacturing Marvels video featured on the Fox Business Network! This Website was created by Sigma Stretch Film® to allow our clients the ability to download or view instructional videos, pictures and information on the web from virtually anywhere. This is just another way that Sigma is continually improving our levels of service to our clients. Since 1993, Sigma Stretch Film® has evolved into North America’s premier stretch film manufacturer.  We built our five North American facilities with the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art extrusion equipment.  Sigma’s commitment to producing superior products and service is second to none. Sigma Stretch Film®’s range of products, both blown and cast, machine and hand films, represents a comprehensive, yet simple solution to all your stretch film needs. The combination of Sigma’s five, “in-plant” customer care teams and the industry’s most talented and experienced sales representatives offers unparalleled levels of service.  Contact us today and let us fulfill your stretch film requirements with superior products and service.